2023 Young and Emerging Researchers Forum

Helsinki, Finland

The ENCATC Young and Emerging Researchers Forum (YERF) is specifically designed for the new generation of talented researchers in the field of cultural management and policy, to advance in their careers and enlarge their network in Europe and beyond.

The ENCATC Young and Emerging Researchers Forum (YERF) offers you a unique opportunity to: 

  • get feedback to your research and diverse views on how to tackle the challenges you are encountering from leading researchers in the field;
  • get comments by fellow young and emerging researchers who are going through similar experiences;
  • engage in discussions on shared challenges with both senior and emerging researchers, on crucial matters for those entering the field;
  • expand your international network and develop relations for future endeavours.

This year, on its 16th edition, the YERF will take place in a hybrid format, on 12 October 2023 from Helsinki, Finland, and its programme will include:

  • An introduction to the Forum;
  • Two sessions devoted to the presentation by a PhD candidate, who will be responded and commented by renowned researchers and fellow emerging researchers:
  • A speed dating session with simultaneous discussions on a series of matters pre-selected by young and emerging researchers at registration.

The programme offers young and emerging researchers the opportunity to actively participate with different roles: presenter, commenter, animator of a speed dating group or listener*.

* ENCATC will select two proposals for presentation and will try to accommodate everyone in the programme according to their indicated preference regarding the role to play. However, ENCATC reserves the right to make adjustments for the good development of this event.

The YERF is part of the 2023 ENCATC Congress on Cultural Management and Policy “Artificial intelligence embraced: The future of the culture and creative sector", which will take place on 11-13 October 2023 in Helsinki, Finland.

The YERF is co-chaired by Richard Maloney, New York University (United States), and Leticia Labaronne, ENCATC Board member, Head of the Center for Arts Management, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, (Switzerland) .

2023 Young and Emerging Researchers Forum