2020 Young and Emerging Researchers' Forum


The 2020 ENCATC Young and Emerging Researchers' Forum (format Boot Camp) was held on 11 November 2020 during the 2020 ENCATC Digital Congress on Cultural Management and Policy "Cultural management and policy in a post-digital world – navigating uncertainty" (3-11 November). 

In this Special Session, PhD students presented their ongoing work and received feedback and exchange ideas with leading experts in the field of cultural management and policy. 

There were three different thematic groups, which ran in parallel: Cultural diplomacy, Cultural management and cultural relationships, and Cultural management ethics and values. In each parallel session, students’ presentations followed by questions posed by peers and experts’ comments.

For students and emerging researchers in the field of cultural management and policy, the ENCATC Research Boot Camp was the chance to: learn from peers in a participative environment; understand how to design a meaningful research project with a coherent structure, and get ideas for specific blockers potentially affecting their research.

In the short term, the aim was to provide the participants with practical skills and knowledge they can use and transfer immediately in their work and studies.

2020 Young and Emerging Researchers' Forum