2016 ENCATC Young Researcher's Forum

Brussels, Belgium

For its 9th edition, the Forum will focus on MENA region - Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia. It will also experiment for the first time a new format that we believe will give a unique opportunity to the invited researchers to enhance their own skills by being challenged by experienced researchers, academics and practitioners and at the same time gain visibility in an international context.


The 2016 Forum is an initiative of ENCATC in partnership with the European Cultural Foundation, ECF. The Forum aims at giving young/early career cultural policy researchers the opportunity to meet fellow researchers and established researchers and professionals from Europe and beyond. They can present research papers and projects, discuss topical research issues, methodology, professional cooperation, publishing possibilities, on-line knowledge exchange and collaboration, as well as access to networks of researchers. 

Furthermore, this event empowers this talented group to enhance their own skills and career development. 



At its creation, the Young Researchers’ Forum (known then as YCPRF) was an initiative developed by the European Cultural Foundation and ENCATC. Since 2015, under the leadership of ENCATC, for the first time research issues relating to cultural management are now also included. The Forum also is encouraging more young researchers from beyond Europe to participate in order to foster transcontinental cooperation, mutual understanding and engagement.


After the forum all participants are invited to join the Ceremony of the ENCATC Research Award on Cultural Policy and Management where the winner will be announced to an international audience that will include the Award's international jury as well as academics, researchers, cultural professionals, policy makers, artists and media. 

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