2014 ENCATC Congress - New Challenges for the Arts and Culture: Is it just about money?

Brno, Czech Republic

This major international event was a refreshing networking opportunity for the academics, researchers, cultural operators, policy makers, artists and students from Europe, Asia and North and South America to learn from leading experts in the field of cultural management and cultural policy, make new connections, strengthen professional relationships and share practice, pedagogy and projects.

For the official opening of the conference, ENCATC was honoured with the presence of Bc. Roman Onderka, MBA, the Mayor of Brno, Anupama Sekhar, Acting/Deputy Director-Culture at the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), Alan Salzenstein, President of the Association of Arts Administration Educators (AAAE), and Ivo Medek, Rector of Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts. 

Held in the newly opened Divadlo na Orli theatre, ENCATC was privileged to have three keynote speakers from Europe, North America and Asia share their knowledge and expertise: David Mareček, Executive Director of the Czech Philharmonic in Prague; Alan Salzenstein, President, Association of Arts Administration and Professor, DePaul University in Chicago, USA; and Jerry C Y Liu, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Arts Management and Cultural Policy at the National Taiwan University of Arts. Each keynote used the conference’s question “Is it just about money?” as a launching pad for reflection and to share their experiences in the field of music, performing arts and cultural policy. They challenged panellists and participants alike to confront not only difficult financial issues facing the arts and culture today, but also the social and aesthetic aspects of arts and cultural management in the public and private sectors.

The conference’s three-day programme also included the 5th Annual ENCATC Research Session (see page 16), the ENCATC Cultural Policy and Cultural Management Research Award Ceremony (see page 14), the 7th Annual Thematic Area Cultural Seminars, an open session platform for knowledge transfer, information and methodology, five parallel study visits, a rich artistic programme, and anetworking cocktail and dinner.

2014 ENCATC Congress - New Challenges for the Arts and Culture: Is it just about money?