2013 ENCATC Congress - Rethinking Education on Arts and Cultural Management

Antwerp, Belgium

From 5-7 November in Antwerp, ENCATC celebrated held its 21st Annual Conference “Rethinking Education on Arts and Cultural Management”. Over 180 ENCATC members, academics, researchers, cultural operators, artists, policy makers and students from 31countries in Europe and beyond participated in the 3-day event to listen to experts to discuss how education should evolve in arts and cultural management, the skills and expertise cultural management and cultural policy education should provide, and how networks in the field of culture and education can contribute to reform and modernize the educational system?

This outstanding international event aimed to reflect on twokey themes: rethinking leadership in cultural and creative sectors, and rethinking education in changing times: preparing the next generation of arts-cultural mangers to meet the needs of the arts-cultural market. In order to look and respond to a changing global environment with innovative thinking and practices, we wanted to create opportunities to listen to expertise from leading experts in their fields, policy developments from EU representatives, real-life experiences from cultural operators, theory from academics and emerging trends from researchers. The conference’s ambitious programme included 3 keynote speeches, 1 roundtable, 7cultural seminars, 6 parallel research sessions, 6 study visits, 2 parallel project presentation sessions, and numerous case studies. The Annual Conference also included a very rich artistic programme including a performance by a hip-hop youth dance troupe from Antwerp, 2 classical musicians, 1 theatre performer and 6 young musicians who shared their passion and talents with the conference’s European and international audience.

The wealth of knowledge and expertise offered in this diverse and exciting programme aimed to facilitate reflection and exchange on topics that matter most to those engaged or impacted by arts and cultural management and policy education. This initiative was implemented by ENCATC in partnership with the University of Antwerp/Antwerp Management School. The event was organised under the patronage of UNESCO and with the support of the European Commission.

The 21st ENCATC Annual Conference “Rethinking Education on Arts and Cultural Management” Reader was handed out to participants attending the conference in Antwerp from 5-7 November and includes the keynote speakers, programme, seminars, study visits, list of participants and much more. 

2013 ENCATC Congress - Rethinking Education on Arts and Cultural Management