ENCATC offers its members opportunities to enhance and strengthen their knowledge, skills, competencies and abilities through a wide range of activities and projects. On an institutional level, ENCATC uses its knowledge and experience as a European network to facilitate other cultural organisations in becoming more established and prominent European players. ENCATC also coordinates a high level pool of experts for a peer-to-peer learning exchange inside and outside the network.

ENCATC Breakfasts

Providing training opportunities to cultural and education professionals to enhance skills and competences and improve workplace performance.

ENCATC Members Talks

Connecting members to share practical ways to come out of times of crisis stronger and more united than ever before to ensure the best education on cultural management and policy.

ENCATC Academy on Sustainable Cultural Management and Policy

Helping the sector gain a deeper understanding on the green transition and foster new transnational collaborations.

ENCATC International Study Tours

Fostering international exchanges of ideas, projects, and best practices.

ENCATC Evaluation Working Sessions

Sharing and exchanging on best practices on evaluation and monitoring for the cultural sector.

European and Transnational Projects

Participating in transnational cultural projects on a variety of topics from training for cultural managers, museum audiences, digital exhibitions, artistic mobility and more!