Marie Claire Ricome ENCATC Traineeship Programme

ENCATC recognises that on-the-job experience plays a key role in advancing the careers of tomorrow’s cultural managers and leaders. Likewise, we know that our work benefits from the creativity and curiosity of students, recent graduates, and early career.

What you need to know

Our Marie Claire ENCATC Traineeship Programme takes great care to offer opportunities that make the most of those mutual goals. We also hope to create relationships that last well beyond any single traineeship.

Through a combination of skill development tasks, specific projects, and group collaboration, trainees become integral members of our team. Trainees are expected to participate in daily activities, contribute skills and ideas, and produce excellent work, all the while preparing to become the next generation of cultural professionals.

Types of traineeships

Academics & Researchers :

1. Voluntary traineeships (not obligatory for the degree)

2. Traineeships for recent graduates

3. Traineeships for staff (staff mobility for training - Eramus +)


1. Traineeships embedded in the curriculum ( counting towards the degree)