Mobility schemes

Through its mobility schemes and tools, ENCATC fosters mobility to promote learning and professional exchange.

The Thomassen Fund

The Thomassen Fund is a mobility fund aimed at enhancing the participation of member cultural management education and training institutions in ENCATC activities, enabling them to cooperate and develop projects by joining in ENCATC networking. More info 

Cross Atlantic Education Exchange (CAEE)

Through the “Cross Atlantic Education Exchange” (CAEE) mobility initiative launched in 2012, ENCATC aims to foster dialogue and mobility between academics, researchers, students, artists and cultural managers based in North and South America and Europe.

Asia Region Education Exchange (AREE)

In 2013 following the partnership agreement finalized in 2012 with ANCER, (the New Asia Pacific Network For Cultural Education And Research), ENCATC launched a new mobility programme, Asia Region Education Exchange, AREE, focusing on countries in the Asia region. This new mobility programme aims to bring attention to the mobility and knowledge exchange of its members in the Asia Region and Europe in order to encourage further exchanges and synergies between the two.