ENCATC has a democratic decision-making structure. The most important decisions are made during the Annual General Assembly (GA).

General Assembly

The ENCATC Annual General Assembly, GA, is a statutory body, which generally meets once a year and is open to all ENCATC members. During the GA, ENCATC members review, discuss and approve the overall work programme, budget, membership report, strategic developments and membership fees for the year ahead. 


The current ENCATC Board for 2023-2025 was elected at 2023 ENCATC General Assembly which took place on 7 December 2023. The specific roles of the elected Board members will be announced soon.

The ENCATC Board consists of seven people, representing his/her institution, elected by the General Assembly for a two years mandate. The Board is responsible for the network’s policy and for the design and implementation of the ENCATC annual working programme in collaboration with the ENCATC Secretary General. 

The members of the board are also extremely active in implementing a number of activities and projects for the network. Each member of the board takes over a specific responsibility and he/she replaces the Secretary General, when necessary abroad. The Board organises each year a number of meetings aimed to discuss, among other issues, membership applications, network activities, strategic decisions, projects’ proposals. 

Secretary General

GiannaLia Cogliandro Beyens

ENCATC Ambassadors

ENCATC Ambassadors are members appointed by the ENCATC Board to represent a country or a specific field of cultural study. As an Ambassador, they are responsible for promoting the ENCATC image during national and international events, creating synergies with national cultural operators, enlarging ENCATC membership in their country, promoting ENCATC as a partner for transnational projects at national and international level, and serving as contact points for members in their area.